With an RSMS control system from TBFD, you can monitor your site levels, flows and pressures from anywhere*. Be notified as soon as your site approaches unsafe levels and react quickly to give your site and environment the care it deserves.


Take control of your landfill

We are a leading supplier of landfill remediation technology to the waste management industry

Established in 2016, TBFD specialise in fully automated leachate process control systems, environmental monitoring and reporting and landfill remediation technology, originally developed by CPS Environmental Services. Our advanced Remote Site Monitoring Systems [RSMS] helps to reduce costs, increase revenue and protect the environment.

Working with waste management professionals, TBFD have devised full turnkey systems aimed at remediating landfill sites offering full remote data acquisition and control of all leachate processes from any remote device, be it PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Using a combination of site interrogation techniques and latest technologies, RSMS transparency of real-time data allows operators of sites to collate and interpret the data to maintain optimum performance remotely, or from a dedicated PC terminal on site.

With our patented technology and extensive knowledge of landfill process, we can remediate sites legacy leachate and redistribute the leachate by targeting saturated and dry areas of waste. Through controlled leachate extraction and recirculation, our systems can reduce leachate transport and treatment costs to zero [typically £50,000 - £500,000 pa, dependent upon the size of the site] and accelerate waste degradation promoting increased landfill gas (LFG) production. This results in a potential 20-100% increase in power generation output, representing a 500-5000kw increase annually over a projected 7-10 year period.

RSMS systems and subsidiary services represent a fundamental change in the way landfills are maintained and operated. Rather than leaving a legacy for future generations through dry tomb landfill, the operators of a landfill utilising our RSMS systems can run the site to maximise resource recovery. Also, they extract potential negative impacts on the environment during the time of their active care, whilst significantly reducing the liability retention period. Entombment or the dry tomb approach to landfill aims to prevent water from coming into contact with the waste. Whilst this approach minimises the volume of leachate produced, it slows biodegradation of the waste so that the potential hazard of the waste is not reduced over time.

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