TBFD has been at the forefront of landfill process control technology since the turn of the millennium

rsmsr4ETBFD provides a comprehensive process control and monitoring software package (RSMS) specifically designed for landfill leachate control.

We have developed a complete method of site optimisation based around our RSMS leachate process control system. This system combines proven technologies, supported by rugged hardware and control strategies to monitor and control landfill leachate in a cost effective manner, providing minimum down time and longevity of operation to reduce costs.

We carry out comprehensive site investigations and desktop studies to interpret site specific characteristics to provide our clients with full turnkey projects. These feature easy to assemble off plan systems for retrofit to existing systems or complete systems upgrades.

Using a combination of site interrogation techniques and latest technologies, we have a highly experienced and dedicated team of leachate management specialists, covering software development and implementation, site installation, logistics management, and technical assessment.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a simple to use, off the shelf system to allow site operators to maintain and operate the landfill sites more efficiently.

Our clients include:

Landfill Operators