R4 Energy

Comprehensive and customisable leachate injection systems. Fully ATEX compliant and intrinsically safe.


Leachate recirculation systems comprise of a series of strategically placed impact pinwells targeting dry areas of waste based on the results of hydrogeological studies.

Each recirculation point consists of a level transducer, flow sensor and a flow control valve. Using the strategy controlled injection and varying the liquid head within the impact well, we can extend the “wetted width” of the re-circulation pinwell, and assist in the creation of new preferential pathways to maximise the performance of the impact well.

Dry Tomb Landfill Remediation
This can accelerate the acidogenesis or methanogenesis phase of the recirculation process dependent on the anaerobic stage of the landfill. Also, by sequencing the target areas for injection, this allows areas to rest to maximise the use of preferential pathways.
The practice of dry tomb entombment landfill can be characterised as a preliminary waste storage approach and is not a viable long-term leachate management or landfill option.