RSMS Evolution

Your site at your fingertips; offering fully automated operation & data transfer with full remote control from anywhere in the world


rsmsevoEOur Remote Site Monitoring System (RSMS) is the result of 15 years continuous development. Based on a series of established algorithms and failsafe controls, our turnkey software is easily tailored to each individual site to empower the operator to react to potential problems quickly, often before they occur.

The system offers an unrivalled level of transparency and control and is recognised as one of the most comprehensive scada software packages specifically designed for landfill process control.

The RSMS system includes a feature rich graphical user interface, which provides a full suite of monitoring and reporting tools. This includes fully automated operation and data acquisition; Individual well control trigger & cut-off; advanced data logging and history playback (up to every 2 seconds), trend chart generation & CSV data reporting, compatible with most popular data management packages such as MonitorPro-5.

RSMS is capable of running and monitoring the performance of a landfill site remotely from anywhere (subject to internet availability).

Existing systems are largely manual, highly labour intensive and do not allow for timely decision-making. This often results in hardware failures and inefficient operations.