Leachate Management Initiative

Fully automated leachate extraction systems to optimise site performance and maintain compliance


rsmsevoEOur extraction systems comprise a series of wells, electric pumps, level transducers, and flow sensors all linked to RSMS through hardware controls, which enable RSMS to undertake full strategy monitoring and control.

To influence a greater area of the saturated zones, TBFD use electric pumps with a high extraction velocity volume. Electric pumps can assist in precipitation, recirculation (“wetted width”) by means of a higher drawdown velocity to draw the leachate through the waste mass, effectively flushing contaminants towards the extraction pump for removal.

Over time, the quality of the leachate will greatly improve as heavy sediments and chemicals are forced into suspension and extracted. All TBFD leachate extraction systems operate a “self-cleaning system” of a high velocity fluid flow to successfully carry extracted solids in suspension to the disposal point.